WellBE čokolade nagrađene za najbolju ambalažu na regionalnom tržištu

Bambi – winner of national award for corporate social responsibility in 2014

PLAZMA, the most loved one by consumers

Bambi News


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Company Bambi is winner of this year’s "National award for corporate social responsibility in ... more>>


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Something new from Bambi & in the Yo D’Oro family - wafers with strawberry and cream! ... more>>


Financial reports

We inform all our stakeholders, including shareholders and investors on all aspects of our business performance in timely and transparent manner.

2010 Financial report (PDF)

Health & Nutrition

Care of consumers is one of the basic rationale of Bambi-Banat company. Fact that company Bambi fully eliminated trans fats from its product assortment speaks in favour of that. Since November 2007 we were gradually introducing non-trans fats into our products, thus replacing hydrogenised vegetable fats within the same.

Bambi-Banat is strong, well-organized, market oriented, fast growing company that employs 1.074 highly professional and devoted individuals that are working in Belgrade where company headquarter is set and in four factories in Pozarevac and in Vrsac.

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